A no BS approach to building TikTok that generates views, follows and sales.

“I just followed Minnie’s advice and our account went from average few hundred to 100.000 views per video… TikTok is now our main source of revenue, not bad for “a network just for kids”!”
Stephen, Ecomm

About me

Hi, I’m


I created my first startup when I was 16 and sold it at 17. After years in digital marketing I fell in love with TikTok.

From an early age, I was fascinated with digital media. When I was 16 my parents got into financial troubles so this forced me to learn marketing and start hustling early in my teen years.

After that I started my own digital agency, and when TikTok popped off, I instantly knew that is what I want to focus on. Why?

Because I realized most businesses don’t understand TikTok at all. I don’t blame them. No one on the internet has specifically explained how to use TikTok.

Until now.

I’ve spent hours on TikTok every day, deconstructing the formulas behind each profile, and I compiled everything I learned into a system that almost every business can use.

But enough with me, by now you’re probably wondering...




I created the TikTok Business Academy, an online course where I deconstructed and described everything that a business should do to succeed on TikTok.

You will learn the most important thing: the language and specific style of TikTok storytelling, and you will see me in action creating videos for various niches step by step: research, moodboard, scripting and storyboard, recording, editing, writing copy and tmuch more. You’ll also see how I plan TikTok sales funnels.

This course will enable you to create your own strategy and execute the content plan that actually works.



TikTok is all about trends and storytelling. To catch up with those trends and to find storytelling patterns that went viral, you need to spend at least one hour on the app every single day.

That’s why I created Trend Watch Newsletter – to save your time.

I will slide into your Inbox with a report of latest trends with mini tutorials on how to recreate them and apply them to your niche.

Running out of ideas is one of the most common blockers that businesses have on TikTok, and with this newsletter you’ll always know what to do next.

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Want to cut straight to the chase with a custom fail-proof approach for your specific business? Apply for 1:1 training where I work with you side-by-side on growing your business using TikTok.

That will not only save your time, but help you stay on the right path and don’t make mistakes most businesses would do.

Yes, you can do miracles by learning from my online course and TrendTok newsletter alone…

But with a personal training from me, you’ll get to the results much faster + you’ll be 100% sure you’re not making any wrong moves – just the right ones.



(and why you shoud too)

TikTok changed the way we humans represent ourselves. Unlike Instagram, where everything is perfect, TikTok brings back the real side of us.

For many years, Instagram was the mainstream style of digital media communication. Everything on Instagram is artificial, and fabricated, every photo is heavily edited.

TikTok emerged as a counterculture to all that. Everything is raw, unpolished, and it brings back real emotions and real human connections. People can relate and trust more than ever.

This is why most businesses use TikTok wrong. Even some large companies are struggling with getting traction on TikTok.

Large companies are most prone to doing everything wrong on TikTok. It’s because they are used to creating “professional” content, done by professional stylists, and videographers, with expensive animations, polished visual identity, brand guidelines, and so on.

On TikTok, this just doesn’t work. It screams “fake” and people just skip those videos in milliseconds.

One of the first things I teach businesses is to use just a phone and to edit using the “lo-fi” capabilities of the native TikTok app. I also teach them to make conscious mistakes and make everything non-perfect.

It’s all counterintuitive, especially for people from traditional advertising agencies. They are usually reluctant at first, but when they see the results in a form of likes, comments and sales, they change their mind.

For All You Data Nerds, Here Are ​


Consumers spent around $2.3 billion on TikTok in 2021.

Total revenue of ByteDance, (TikTok parent company) is $58 billion last year, most of which came from advertising.

42% of TikTok users are now aged 30-49.

This means that TikTok is no longer just a platform for Gen Z and younger audiences

37% of TikTok users thave a household income of $100k+

In contrast, only 9.6% of users have an annual household income of less than $25,000 a year.

43% of TikTok users try something new after seeing it on the platform

Content on TikTok has the ability to inspire people to take action and try new things.

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users

While it doesn’t have as many users as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it has grown a lot over the past year.

61% of all TikTok users are female.

Brands targeting female audiences are in luck on TikTok, but you should be there if you’re targeting men as well.

You may have heard of


It’s a way for users to show off the recent purchases they’ve made because they’ve seen someone using the product on TikTok.

One of the examples is the “TikTok Leggings”. It is a phrase that refers to this specific brand of leggings that became viral.

A girl posted a video wearing those leggings to surprise her husband. Two weeks later, the term “TikTok Leggings” is the most searched term on Amazon.

Another example of this consumer phenomenon is this Maybelline mascara that became viral after a girl posted a video showing how it looks on one eye compared to the other eye without it.

Two weeks after launch, this mascara has been sold out four times, and it instantly got named “The TikTok Mascara”...

These examples show the strength of the consumer trust on TikTok. Even right now, as you’re reading this - there are products blowing up and selling their stocks out with the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag.

Meanwhile, TikTok users be like






I want you to be the one that stops them.